Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our First Look

I had to have an ultrasound at 14 weeks because I started bleeding. Turns out I have a small bleed where the placenta seperated a little from the uterus. Nothing too major. Just gave us a scare. I had my regular 18 week scan this past Tuesday. Apparently the bleed is still there. The fact that I am not bleeding and its just sitting there is a good sign. But they still want the doctors to look at it, so I have another ultrasound, a level 2, which is performed by a doctor and not just a technician, after the holidays. Also the little guy was small so they couldnt get a good picture of the heart chambers and a few other things they like to measure. I never had a special ultrasound before. I guess they have the scans up on big screens to view. hahaaa.. interesting. Im picturing like they have on House. haha. Hopefully I wont have to wear those dumb hospital gowns. Ugh. As it is I am on semi restriction, no lifting, no exercise etc. A big stinker for me because this year my dance studio is celebrating 10 years and it would have been my 9th year. I took one year off to have Shane. This year I was just skipping recital, but still could have danced. Oh well. In the grand picture, having a healthy baby is more important and I can dance again next year.

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