Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Picture

Here is a picture we took of the two kids who wanted to have their picture taken. Kasey would much rather play. But we did manage to get one decent one and to my own surprise, I sent out my Christmas cards today!! So hopefully you will all get them soon! I wont spoil it by posting the picture here. :)


our little brown life said...

Hey Tarynn! Sorry I never posted on your blog- I kinda knew you had one but I'm not too technological so it never got bookmarked. However- you're kids are ADORABLE- and congrats on #4!!!
Can't wait for our #4 some day (not pregnant yet).
Yes, poopy diapers are part of our life- but it's all good- this too shall pass and some day we may actually miss changing them!
Lots of love,
your distant cousin Carolyn

Catherine Berg said...

Hi Tarynn!
Thank you so much for posting on my blog, because now I have your blog address. I never had it before. Your children are precious! And congratulations on number 4 on the way. That is really wonderful. SO happy for you guys. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas, and I will look forward to checking this site more often.