Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Picture

Here is a picture we took of the two kids who wanted to have their picture taken. Kasey would much rather play. But we did manage to get one decent one and to my own surprise, I sent out my Christmas cards today!! So hopefully you will all get them soon! I wont spoil it by posting the picture here. :)

My weird children having fun!

Our First Look

I had to have an ultrasound at 14 weeks because I started bleeding. Turns out I have a small bleed where the placenta seperated a little from the uterus. Nothing too major. Just gave us a scare. I had my regular 18 week scan this past Tuesday. Apparently the bleed is still there. The fact that I am not bleeding and its just sitting there is a good sign. But they still want the doctors to look at it, so I have another ultrasound, a level 2, which is performed by a doctor and not just a technician, after the holidays. Also the little guy was small so they couldnt get a good picture of the heart chambers and a few other things they like to measure. I never had a special ultrasound before. I guess they have the scans up on big screens to view. hahaaa.. interesting. Im picturing like they have on House. haha. Hopefully I wont have to wear those dumb hospital gowns. Ugh. As it is I am on semi restriction, no lifting, no exercise etc. A big stinker for me because this year my dance studio is celebrating 10 years and it would have been my 9th year. I took one year off to have Shane. This year I was just skipping recital, but still could have danced. Oh well. In the grand picture, having a healthy baby is more important and I can dance again next year.

I missed the boat!

I really have to get better at this blogging thing. Sept is my last post. Surely I was not THAT busy all Fall. Well nothing significant happened. We went on a few hayrides, for which the pictures reside on my fathers camera. Still. We had a really good one too where we got to feed a bunch of cows ears of corn. It was great! Next time I go over there I will have to burn a DVD of all their pictures. I still have Easter pictures from last year over there!

Pictures I do have. Kids painting pumpkins.

Playing in the front yard, filling pumpkin bags, making leaf angels, and playing with chalk.

Camping on the deck

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I got 3 new blogs posted! Im so proud of myself. hahaha. I can get used to this. A little alone time in the evening. :) Every moms gotta have some of that! I waiting for my favorite summer show Burn Notice on USA to come on at 10. Its the only time I get to relax. I also have RAGING hormones right now so my patience is ever so thin these days. I need to eat some popcorn and chill out a bit! Hope everyone is doing well. We will keep praying for Fred. Love you!
Shane tested a few weeks back for his Yellow belt

My little tough guy


Showing some love

He got to break a board with his hand. His favorite part!

I think with Shane being much like Tommy and I, very shy when we were younger, TaeKwonDo is giving him the confidence to be proud of who he is and to stand up for himself. Something I remember all too well not being able to do in those tough middle school years. And its always good to teach kids discipline and respect. He loves the class. We go twice a week and I am sure he wishes it were more.

Shanes First Day of Kindergarten

The men getting ready

Shane waiting patiently for me to stop taking pictures

We live so close that on warm days we can walk

After a long first day he was ready to come home