Monday, August 18, 2008


I guess I should introduce you to our family first. You all know me, I just turned 30 this July. YIKES! Most know my husband Tommy, yes thats his legal name. Some might know Shane, he's our first baby, turned 5 this past April. He just started Tae Kwon Do and loves it. Our second baby, Colbi, turned 3 in February. She's a Hannah Montana wanna be! Then there is our little Kasey Shmasey. She is 18 months old. We have 2 dogs, Boomer, a golden retriever, and Kirby, an american eskimo. Needless to say we have a full house. We live in the 16 Acres section of Springfield, MA. Despite our efforts to sell the house, the economy beat us down, so we are still in our 3 bedroom ranch. Maybe next Spring. The only good thing is that I have basically used my house as a gigantic artists canvas. Remodeling all Spring and Summer. That is a seperate blog ALL on its own! So thats a little about everything. I will post more pictures, and more blogs about different aspects of our life and whats happening. So stay tuned. :)